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"Animate Dead" spell:

Mana Cost : 35

In-game "Help Animate Dead": This spell imbues a corpse with unholy energy, causing it to rise up and walk once again. Each zombie created this way will follow the orders of the caster for the duration of the spell, at which time the caster's controlling force weakens and the animated dead lose all direction. The zombies are imbued with unholy force proportionate to the level of the caster, but even though they may be able to withstand large amounts of damage, zombies are poor fighters.

This spell is one of the most widely used "offensive" spells in the Worlds of Carnage, and for good reason. While inexpensive to cast (35 mana) you are able to raise a corpse into the form of a flesh eating zombie, or "animate." These zombies do not hit hard, but you can "order followers" to attack a target and fight with them. The animates take the beating in your place.