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To learn the basics for practicing a skill/spell use:


For highly advanced skills and spells you may be required to study a "tome."


Once you have aquired practice sessions you may find a teacher to learn skills and spells for your class. Teachers are generally class specific, some teach more than others. Sometimes you have to find multiple teachers learn the skill/spell you need.

(Type "skills" or "sk" to see how many practice sessions you have.)

Warrior Teachers

Taghri the Elkin Captain: s

Taghri teaches some of the more basic warrior skills.

Earl of Makdor: n15 - "Entrance to the Castle of Makdor"

The Earl roams the castle, you can find him in the dimly-lit hallways outside of the Dungeons more often than anywhere else. n3, e2, s, d from the entrance to the Castle.

William of Lativa: e9, n2, w, n5, e6, n3, e, n2, w, n10, e, n

William is an excellent trainer for most warrior skills.

Weapons Master in Gratien: w19, n, w2, n14, w2, n6, w5, n

The Weapons Master teaches some advanced warrior skills.

Mage Teachers

Beldramas: n15 - "Entrance to the Castle of Makdor"

This teacher roams the halls of the castle, but you can find him in his laboratory a majority of the time. n3, e2, open door, e, s3, u, n2, w2, open door, s, e from the Castle Entrance. When you find Belderamas it is wise to "follow beld" because he moves quickly.

Zemoch: s11, u, s5, d, e, s, e3, s, e2, s4, u

Very very rarely there will be an aggressive scorpion in your path. This is a great teacher of the arcane. Directions to walk back to Elkin are slightly different. After going up, when you're at the "Top of a hill looking down" go n, u, n15 to return to the Elkin Fountain.

Cleric teachers

Disciple of the Implementors: n18, e2, open door, e, s2, open door, w

If the door to the "small chapel to the Implementors" is left open, the Disciple will roam the castle.

Bishop of Cimmura: s11, u, s5, d, e, s, e3, s, e21, u, n3

You are able to learn nearly all pious spells from either the Bishop or the Disciple.