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(Authored by Laurana)

There is an extended file in Carnage to instruct you on practicing. "Help practice" In a nutshell, you can use the command "Practice" or "Prac" at a teacher to see the list of skills/spells they can teach you at this moment. Most skills/spells have prerequisites to learn. To see the list of prerequisites type "pre <skill/spell>" The prerequisite list will also show you the Stats the skill/spell is based on.

For example:

Pre Third Attack

[ 70 ] Strength
[ 81 ] Dexterity
[ 22 ] Constitution
[ -- ] dedicated warrior
[ -- ] slash
[ -- ] combat
[ -- ] dual wield
[ -- ] second attack
[ -- ] bludgeon
[ -- ] draw
[ -- ] pierce

Third attack is based on Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution. (Found in your "score" or "sc") This is an advanced warrior skill requiring many prerequisites. Until you have practiced those skills, Third Attack will not be available to you.

To see a list of skills/spells for the class you have chosen use "allskill <class>" --allskill warrior

This will show you a list of all skills/spells for that specific class.

Skills/spells with an asterick to the right of the skill/spell are reserved for the major dedication. If you chose Cleric/Warrior you are able to aquire all cleric spells, but restricted to the warrior skills without astericks beside them.

(Type "skills" or "sk" to see how many practice sessions you have.)