Phred Giving Lysander the Smackdown

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This is Circa 2000 or so...

Phred says 'you are off to start a new mud.. So why are you here?'

Lysander says 'I am off no where'

Phred says 'frankly we need the dead weight gone before we can start the coding'

Lysander chuckles politely.

Phred says 'we are nt going to put remort in until all the whiners are gone'

Lysander says 'oh, I'm a whiner?'

Phred says 'if you have no intention of helping here then I dont understand why you still come here'

Phred says 'cause all the "emichers" would be happy to hagve you gone'

Lysander says 'I'm sorry... I didn't help with remort? we had no conversations this winter?'

Lysander says 'I was quite enthusiastic for remort'

Phred says 'you and your buddies are just anchors here'

Phred says 'and if you dont like it I dont understand why you are here'

Phred says 'otherwise you wouldnt be working on project X'

Lysander chuckles politely.

Lysander says 'you know what?'

Lysander says 'I've had an area in dev for 3 months now'

Phred says 'I say that you and your ilk are anchors cause you are causing the best coder in the history og carnage to not code'

Lysander says 'waiting to be finished here'

Lysander says 'but gee.'

Phred says 'and once you leave he will start again'

Lysander says 'the inserters been down for a MONTH!'

Phred says 'well, I didn't ask for your justification'

Lysander says 'you're blaming me for milton not showing up?'

Lysander laughs heartily.

Lysander says 'good one'

Phred says 'yeah you and all the project xers'

Phred says 'he told me'

Phred says 'he was tired of listening to all the arguing and bitching'

Phred says 'and once you guys are gone he can code in peace'

Lysander says 'not to badmouth milton, but one major reason there is a project x is because he doesn't show up'

Phred says 'thats fine... he doesnt like you guys so he doesnt show up and you guys leave'

Phred says 'he will NOT code with you here'

Lysander says 'milton's a good guy tho.. It's a shame he doesn't show up.. ' we all wish he would'

Lysander says 'I'm sure'

Phred says 'well, we will see then I guess'

Phred says 'he codes something and then people bitch about it'

Lysander says 'and fact is, if he feels we bug him too much, and he says so himself, I'm sure we can all leave him be to code'

Phred says 'specifically he mentiuoned people saying "If that happens then I wont play here anymore"'

Phred says 'well, it doesnt matter cause you guys are leaving'

Lysander says 'those are the players.. yep, they're a bunch of whiners, I agree'

Phred says 'nope'

Phred says 'immortals'

Lysander says 'ok.. wait.. go back'

Phred says 'you guys all trieded to to change what he wanted to do with imkort'

Lysander says 'he mentioned ppl saying "if that happens whtn I wont play here anymore"'

Phred says 'you made it not fun for him'

Lysander says 'hang on a sec'

Lysander says 'who said that, and about what'

Phred says 'he mentioned that the other day to me he didnt say who'

Phred says 'but it was one of you project Xers'

Lysander says 'that's what players say.. I haven't heard any immort say anything like that about remort or any other possible code change'

Phred says 'but it doesn't really matter'

Phred says 'I am only saying what he told me due'

Phred says 'project X is the best thing going for carnage'

Lysander says 'wish he'd show up and speak for himself'

Phred says 'though I would hope you have the decency to not steal Miltons code'

Phred says 'he did code it for Carnage and not project X'

Lysander says 'I heard he didn't have a phone line'

Lysander says 'or some strange story'

Phred says 'he has remort finished'

Phred says 'I've seen the code'

Lysander says 'great!'

Lysander says 'oh.. I see'

Phred says 'but it wont go in until project xers are gone'

Lysander says 'you think we'll steal remort'

Lysander says 'no, that's not going to happen'

Lysander says 'the code is being written from scratch'

Phred says 'you already are talking about stealing code'

Phred says 'stealing areas'

Lysander says 'areas will not be taken without consent'

Lysander says 'yours, spiros, miltons, we don't expect consent for'

Phred says 'hey that reminds me, if you want all of your areas out, give me a list'

Lysander laughs heartily.

Phred says 'what about areas that we have touched>'

Lysander says 'I have that area list milton posted.'

Lysander says 'if you don't want to consent, say so'

Phred says 'so you plan on leaving all the areas that dont beling to project xers?'

Lysander says 'pretty much'

Lysander says 'haven't really decided yet'

Lysander says 'might have to rewrite area files anyway for the new format'

Phred says 'hrmm, thats not what I heard'

Phred says 'I heard you were using carnage's format'

Lysander says 'not that I know of.. you'd have to talk to lace and skorn'

Phred says 'I suspect you are going to use the code'

Lysander says 'I'm no coder'

Phred says 'I know'

Phred laughs heartily.

Lysander pats Phred on his head.

Lysander says 'I know you know'

Lysander smiles happily.

Phred says 'I am still confused why I see you all here'

Phred says 'if you dont want to be here we dont want you here'

Lysander says 'let me repeat myself then'

Phred says 'you guys are slowing us down'

Lysander chuckles politely.

Phred says 'you all have different views'

Phred says 'you dont like how we like our mud and we dont like how you like the mud'

Lysander says 'code what you want. I'm not gonna stop you'

Phred says 'but we have carnage'

Phred says 'you have project x'

Phred says 'that makes everyone happy'

Phred says 'you can torment the mortals on you mud all you want'

Phred says 'and you can harass your only code until he hates you.. thats fine'

Phred says 'this is a perfect solution'

Lysander laughs heartily.

Lysander says 'I really wish milton were here'

Lysander says 'because you're clearly twisting words'

Phred says 'do you know how long Ive known milton'

Lysander nods solemnly.

Phred says 'and not some silly fucked up internet relationship so many losers seem to have nowdays'

Phred says 'milton is very shy'

Phred says 'but he weas pretty fucking clear when I talked to him the other day'

Phred says 'actually it was a week or two ago, but I have been busy'

Phred says 'milton is an "emicher"'

Phred says 'in fact much of the shit that I have done are stuff he weanted to do but didnt want to listing to people bitch'

Lysander says 'tell him to log in and tell us off. I'll be satisfied then'

Lysander says 'or send an email. an email from him, saying "please leave" will suit me just fine'

Phred says 'why should he do that'

Lysander says 'because this is you talking. not milton'

Phred says 'hrmm you guys are leaving.. I was just wondering why you guys were still here'

Phred says 'why come to carange and talk about your new fancey mud? WHy come here and slam us?'

Lysander says 'carnage is still a nice place to hang out. I still feel obliged to do things despite future plans'

Lysander says 'I still help newbies, answer questions, help zamadhi with his plans'

Phred says 'well, there is no reason for you to'

Phred says 'you should spend your time on your carnage clone'

Phred says 'I am sure everytone, players included would be happier'

Lysander laughs heartily.

Phred says 'think of all that you can accomplish with out all those nasty emichers being mean to you'

Phred cries on your shoulder.

Lysander nods to Phred.

Phred says 'Panamon would be proud'

Phred points at Lysander.

Phred snickers softly.

Lysander laughs heartily.

Lysander says 'oh'

Lysander says 'I could say a lot of nasty things too Aeron, but it's not worth it'

Phred says 'I dont mind cause I like to argue'

Lysander says 'you won't hear a thing I say anyway'

Phred says 'thats fine too'

Lysander says 'no, because things would get too personal and I'd like to avoid that'

Lysander says 'yes I can see you don't care if you don't avoid that'

Phred says 'I cant imagine that you could say anything that would offend me'

Phred snickers softly.

Lysander says 'you clearly have some strong opinions of me and other immortals here'

Lysander says 'that much is obvious'

Phred says 'I'm not the only one, I am just the mouthpiece'

Phred says 'but you guys solved the problem'

Lysander says 'but I tried to defend us a couple months ago in that email and you heard nothing'

Phred says 'you guys are making your own mud and that great'

Phred says 'I read it and it was made with flawed logic'

Phred says 'nothing that I couldn't argue with with a solid base'

Lysander says 'of course. that's the attitude you had from the start.. stubborn and all that'

Phred says 'your arguments all ended in a tantrum'

Lysander says 'nonsense'

Phred says 'I listen to everyone'

Lysander says 'nonsense'

Phred says 'there it is!'

Phred laughs heartily.

Lysander says 'you think the players hate me and others'

Lysander says 'you're flat out wrong'

Phred says 'you cant argue with facts only with whine'

Phred says 'I have had players bitch to me!'

Lysander says 'flat out misinformed. My only guess is by Beer and his friends'

Lysander says 'the fact is'

Phred says 'Wow, you are a smart person'

Phred snickers softly.

Lysander says 'forget it'

Phred says 'good one'

Lysander says 'I'm not getting personal. '

Phred says 'you argue so well'

Phred says 'are you a lawyer?'

Phred says 'wait'

Lysander says 'the fact is, when we all leave'

Lysander says 'and we will all leave'

Lysander says 'you will have no immortals. the players will see a dying mud'

Phred says 'then we can code more and carnage will become fun again'

Lysander says 'some will follow us, others wiill disperse'

Lysander says 'this place, will be a ghost town'

Phred cries on your shoulder.

Lysander says 'even more so after you just sit there bitching about whiny players, taking no input whatsoever'

Phred says 'the fact is that the way YOU like a mud is not what we like'

Phred says 'we emichers can't do anything with your ilk around'

Phred says 'we don't code cause of whiny immortals not whiney players'

Phred says 'and I still code a little, but its hard when milton doesnt code too'

Lysander says 'it's just a shame you came to this final decision to assault me / us personally, neglecting all the things we've done over the years'

Phred says 'and he doesnt code cause of you and gang'

Lysander says 'we've poured a lot of effort into this place and you come at us like this.'

Phred says 'you dont understand'

Lysander says 'how dare you'

Phred says 'we didn't say "lets not do anything cause we don't like the immortals"'

Lysander says 'you come with these low blows without even trying to settle any differences rationally'

Phred says 'we dont do anything cause You make it unfun for us'

Lysander says 'and any argument, you want to immediately get nasty and personal'

Lysander says 'I don't want things that way'

Phred says 'you guys are leaving'

Lysander says 'we can be civilized, human beings'

Phred says 'what are you talking about'

Lysander says 'not rabid dogs wanting to bitch each other out constantly'

Phred says 'you guys have been plotting for along time to leave'

Phred says 'all I asked was why you were still here'

Lysander says 'instead of coming here and saying "I hear you guys are planning a new mud"'

Lysander says 'and then saying "well, if this is true, I'm sorry, but good luck"'

Phred says 'well, I asked one question'

Lysander says 'instead, you're all nasty'

Phred says 'you wanted to hear the details'

Lysander says 'vindictive, hateful, spiteful'

Phred says 'and everything I said was the truth'

Lysander says 'sickly'

Lysander says 'it doens't have to be this way'

Phred says 'its rude of you to slam me with commune'

Phred says 'mr high and mighty'

Phred says 'I have never communed something bad about you'

Lysander says 'we can leave kicking and screaming, or we can leave with our accepted differences'

Lysander says 'you apparantly want kicking and screaming'

Phred says 'I said that I was happy for you'

Lysander says 'I'm not gonna give you that'

Lysander says 'I'm really gonna try hard to hope you guys do well after we leave'

Lysander says 'but you acting like this, you want it all personal, it's difficult'

Phred says 'hrmm thats not what I heard'

Phred says 'thats not what you have told others'

Lysander says 'for the time being'

Phred says 'what I said was the truth'

Phred says 'not "personal"'

Phred says 'you dont like the emichers and we dont like you'

Phred says 'whats the problem'

Lysander says 'for the time being, as an immortal here I'll still help newbies, do things to keep this place decent'

Phred says 'then why do you commne bad shit about me>'

Lysander says 'I'm not gonna dis any coding changes you want to do. go ahead and code what you want'

Lysander says 'you'll get no gripe. you'll get no comment unless you wask for one'

Phred says 'we are not worried about you stealing new code'

Phred says 'we just dont need to hear you opinion on it '

Lysander says 'we won't steal code without permission, and you can keep my areas'

Phred says 'well, we might not anyway'

Lysander says 'if you don't want them, take them out. I'd like to think they're worthy, even in your new world'

Phred shrugs helplessly.

Lysander says 'I see your point about where you want to go with the mud'

Lysander says 'I'm just sayin, the way you brought it up was all wrong'

Lysander says 'you attacked attacked attacked'

Lysander says 'you get real nasty when you didn't need to'

Phred says 'I told the truth it wasnt an attack'

Phred says 'the truth hurts sometimes and I was blunt'

Lysander says 'I pray you honestly think about how you brought up the issue of our dealing with things here'

Phred says 'look at the halo forming around your head'

Lysander says 'see, there you go again'

Phred says 'though you never address you bad words about me over commune'

Lysander says 'there you go again'

Lysander says 'don't you see how your saying things?'

Phred says 'why do you commune thingd about me?'

Lysander says 'what did I say'

Phred says 'you said it'

Phred says 'you tell me'

Phred says 'or did you not say anything?'

Lysander says 'uh.. maybe I said "Phred is a coder"'

Lysander says 'I might've said that'

Lysander says 'maybe "Phred is a guy"'

Lysander says 'I don't know what you're talking about'

Phred says 'so you never said anything bad about me over commune?'

Phred says 'and I have been misinformed?'

Lysander says 'you think I blast you over commune behind your back?'

Lysander roll his eyes.

Lysander says 'why would I do that'

Lysander says 'what possible good would that serve?'

Lysander says 'you think mortals want to see imms arguing?'

Lysander says 'that's like rule #1'

Phred says 'I don't know I have never said aything bad about you over the mud'

Lysander says 'you never badmouth other imms in public'

Lysander says 'I'm not accusing you of anything'

Lysander says 'I believe you wouldn't do that either'

Lysander says 'please'

Lysander says 'don't accuse me of that'

Phred says 'lemme read my e-mail again'

Lysander says 'oh you have witnesses'

Lysander smiles happily.

Lysander says 'this show trial is over for today'

Lysander waves goodbye.