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 A powerful set of gear is priceless. A player can function without a good kit, but not nearly as well. There are twelve locations for equipment to be worn, you can wear fifteen pieces total with something on both wrists, two fingers, and two items around your neck.

For the sake of things, we will use the Wielded category for all weapons, although someone with the skill of Dual Wield can hold another weapon offhand. (Generally a lighter weapon)

Also keep in mind that equipment has random statistics!! This is a neat feature that allows the same piece of equipment to have slightly different stats so one piece may be better than another.

Another interesting feature is that some equipment stats are weighted according to the wearer's level. For instance, the white buffalo hide has a base AC modifier of -10, but as your level increases the modifier improves, finally topping out at -17  at level 60.

Worn as Ring

Worn on Neck

Worn on Head

Worn on Body

Worn on Arms

Worn on Hands

Worn as Belt

Worn on Feet

About the Body

Worn on Wrist

Held Offhand