Carnage Leveling Zones

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Remember that these lists are not all inclusive. The level ranges are generalized. You may be able to kill things in the group above your level range and gain good experience, you also may be able to continue training in the group below your range. It's about personal preference and weighing out what works best for your character.

Levels 1-10

Bloodstorm Fields - e11

Great training area for lower levels. Don't kill in Elondale, and don't go north of Elondale, every other route in the field is safe.

Hornets Lair - e16, n4, e2, s, w, s, e3, s, d3

Another good low level area. Stick to the lower portions of the area, once you find actual Hornets turn around.

Fields of Makdor - n12, e

Decent area for training, dont wander into the castle moat.

Bandit Camp - w10, n3, e, n3, e5, open branch, s2, e3, s, e, n3, e

Good area to train when you're closer to level 10. Kill the two guards at the entrance and wear an armband so the bandits will not be aggressive to you.

Elkin Graveyard - s8, e2, s2, e4, s, e4, open gate, e

Good zone for closer to level 10. Some aggressive mobs, a few mobs poison as well. Find the Wight and kill him for his Topaz Pendant for permanent light.

Levels 11-20

Chess Board - w10, n3, e, n12, open front, n, open door, n, e, u, w3, open oaken, s, drink pool, w

Decent area for training. From smallest to largest: Pawns, Bishops, Knights, Rooks, King.

Hornets Lair - e16, n4, e2, s, w, s, e3, s, d3, w, n2, w3, n4, e2, n2, u3, w3, u3

Decent area for training. Hornets poison, so be sure to ask Kelbin in Vhronia "Rose" and buy plenty of rose potions. u3 from the Entrance is the "Swarm" of Hornets, there are 6 aggressive Hornets in the same room so enter at your own risk. n2, open comb, e from The Swarm is the Queen, she has wings that allow you to fly, thus needing to rest for movement much less often.

Latvia - e9, n2, w, n5, e6, n3, e, n2, w, n2

Kill the Guards with yellow armbands first, the red armbands are a bit tougher. Can also kill some other mobs like Julia, Bruce, etc. Be sure to Consider the mob before you attack.

Brinnz West - w19, s, w9, s6, e, s

Kill Skritters, Bonecrackers, and Marrowsuckers.

Vhronia - w19, s, w9

In the beginning Kill Minors, Citizens, Magikal Guards, Lawrence, etc.. Closer to 20 kill Amrod, Mongo, Louis, and Sentries.

Levels 21-30

Latvia Zoo - e9, n2, w, n5, e6, n3, e, n2, w, n, e2, (Buy the ticket for your race), give tick elven, e

Tourists are too small. Usher, Vendor, and Charles are too big. Kill the rest, Caretakers are the best.

Elondale - e16, n15

Kill Elondale Commoners, dont venture too far north outside of the town.

Cimmura - s11, u, s5, d, e, s, e3, s, e21

Kill the Guards at this level range. There are things here to kill for a wide range of levels.