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How do I create a good starting character?

WoC has almost unlimited choice. Create anything you want - here is my example of a good alignment dwarven fighter with some secondary cleric skills called Myrtan. I want the character to have good strength and constitution with some wisdom. I choose a starting city of Elkin which is a good place for new players.

Log on to the mud www.wocmud.org port 4000

What shall your name be? <Myrtan>

Did I get that right, Myrtan (Y/n)? <y>

Give me a password for Myrtan <Enter password>

Please retype password: <Enter same password>

Is this your first time playing Carnage (Y/n)? <y>

Please tell us where you heard about Carnage: <friend>

What is your gender (m/f)? <m>

To what force will you align yourself ? <g>

What kind of creature will you be? <Dwarf>

To what will you dedicate? <Warrior>

What will be your minor dedication? <Cleric>

Please enter primary attribute or done: <Str> Please enter primary attribute or done: <Con> Please enter primary attribute or done: <Wis> Please enter primary attribute or done: <Int> Please enter primary attribute or done: <Dex> Please enter primary attribute or done: <Chr>

Please enter done to continue: <Done>

Where will you live? <Elkin>

What is your fate: <1>

You now have a brand new character - type score to see your attributes.

Myrtan has str 58, int 34, wis 41, dex 26, con 61, chr 25

These numbers rise as you advance your character. An attribute above 48 shows proficiency in that area. 60 or above shows excellence in an area.

Later you may learn how to use the advanced stat selection option where you choose 60 points to add to the racial minimum attributes of your character. This allows much more custom selection of attributes.

Some other starting suggestions are

Troll warrior/warrior - high str con and dex: ultimate fighting machine. Orc black knight / shaman - high str, con, some int/wis: fighter/caster. Dwarf cleric/warrior - high wis, some str, con and int: powerful healer. Reptile thief/warrior - high dex,con some str: sneaky with some combat.

Choosing the same class twice gives limited choice of skills but improved effectiveness. Dual class gives a wider range of skills but they are a little less effective. Finally a jack of all trades can learn most skills effectively but no specialist class only skills such as sanctuary or 3rd attack.

Choosing a single class spell caster such as shaman/shaman or cleric/cleric is not recommended to start with.

Also choosing a dual class where both classes are melee based such as warrior/black knight or paladin/warrior is not recommended.

Click here for additional Race and Class Recommendations

Good luck with your adventuring and feel free to ask any player for help when you first start.