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Started playing WoC in 1997. Took major breaks along the way.

Chronicle of characters, from what I remember. (In order)

Kender, Palin, Laurana, Xar, Moiraine, Esahc, Crunk, Truk, Gauze, and back to Laurana. Probably best (and worst) known for Moiraine and Gauze.

In the real life I'm completely computer illiterate. I can log onto Carnage and Myspace and that's about the extent of it. I'm 25 years old and just asked the girlfriend to marry me. She's the hottest little thing you've ever seen in your life.    ;)    Been trying to get her on my "nerd game" for some time but I've hung it up. If I have to leave on short notice, odds are she's offering me real life quest spoils and I just gotta go.   :)