Rules & Guidelines

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Rule and Guidelines

This is supposed to be a fun mud. People are expected to act like adults and be respectful of others. Racism, or sexual harassment of any sort won't be tolerated. Basically, if your actions lead to someone else not having fun there's probably going to be a problem.

Dual Playing is currently allowed. This means that you can be logged into the mud twice, from a single location, with two players, at the same time. This is a HUGE benefit since it essentially allows you to not only field a main Tank character but also a Healer. Some classes are notoriously hard to level on their own as well. Dual Playing hasn't always been allowed here. TWO CHARACTERS ONLY. Not three, not four.

Robot Play - many aspects of mud playing can be automated, and specific clients can even allow you to set up little mud playing bots that require no human intervention at all. If it's suspected you're running one of these bots, don't be surprised if your character gets deleted.