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 Use "help role play" in game to get an in depth look into the rules of role playing.

Always remember to check roleplays on people using "Roleplay character". You can only currently check the role plays of players that are logged in.

Basically, without a role play, you are not able to intiate combat in the Worlds of Carnage. The role play system was designed to stop players from arbitrarily killing, to help players have an idea about what is coming for them. A role play can be anything at all, it can be aggresive or apathetic. It can target certain races, certain alignments, or target nothing at all. It can paint a picture about the history of your character. Most importantly, if you decide to kill, you have to do so within the realm of your role play.

Some role plays are short, some are long. Here are some examples:

"Roleplay Greybeard": 

Greybeard Grindstone is bred from a long line of fierce dwarven royalty. His
family is known for being supreme leaders, heavy drinkers, and nasty
brawlers. After losing his parents and siblings to a viscious battle with
Slaug, Greybeard ventured out from the secluded island of Rookar. This dwarf
is loyal to the death to brother bearded ones and simply tolerates other
races. He loves to throw back some stiff drinks and dive head first into a
brawl. Don't let his short and round physique fool you, you don't want this
drunk laying his heavy hand on you.

"Roleplay Mlix":

As you scout the area searching for the source of the loud noises you hear.
You see it a large troll heading down the path in your direction. With what
seems to be an oversized club and a rough shield in his hands, you quickly
notice the scarlet stains of blood long dried upon his scaly green skin. As
the troll draws nearer you venture another look, with large flaring nostrils
taking in mass amounts of air. His sleek muscular arms nearing the size of
tree trunks, possibly some he could uproot by scratching his backside, with
teeth gnarled and grey, spots of still red flesh can be seens hanging loosely
among them. So near now is he that his warm steamy breath is now beginning to
cause a stench unrivaled even by decaying corpses, you think it best to leave
whilst you can and enjoy your life in a much more timid setting, the though
of priesthood even comes to mind. Yet curiosity clings you to your spot, his
muddy boots and shoddily kept armor seem to be held on only by his muscles
that seems to wedge them to his flesh. Contemplating how such a large trolls
moves so quickly from the road far from sight you were once staring upon you
look to the ground, now seeing not only foot prints but the impressions of
the gauntlets now dripping in dirtied blood, this troll must use his arms as
a way to push himself further and faster, lunging at his targets with agility
normally not seen in trolls. You now decide it best you slowly walk out of
this trolls sight, perhaps for a very long time or you may regret it.

"Roleplay Teshaghez":

Teshaghez, the son of Tahusko, is now a member of the dreaded undead. His
thirst for blood is massive and rarely quenched. Be warned, this troll's
power has increased 10 fold. Do not dare to annoy him for you could find his
fangs sinking into your neck!