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There are Ports in the Worlds of Carnage that take you to other Islands and Continents. At each port there is a sign that tells you how long until the ship docks, and where the ship is headed.


Carnage Ports

Minean Port: e9, n2, w, n5, e6, n3, e, d, s2, u, s3, e, d, n2, d, n3

The Minean port runs from the Dragon Caves in Carnage to Minea Town.

Latvian Port: e9, n2, w, n5, e6, n3, e, n2, w, n10, w, n2

The Latvian Port runs to Cythera and to Vhronia.

Vhronian Port: w19, s, w12, s3, w2

The Vhronian Port runs to Crete and to Latvia

Cytheran Port

Cytheran Port: (From the Gargoyle, Cytheran recall) e13, n, w, n

Crete Ports

Port to Rookar: At the northern gates of Crete

Port to Vhronia