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The following resources are available via the internet to satiate your every mudding need (I hope).

Zugg's MUD Client (zMud)
zMud is the world's premier Winsock MUD client for PC/Windows. This sophisticated GUI client supports multiple character windows (multiplaying), aliases, triggers with complex pattern matching, macro keys, variables, speedwalking, graphical buttons, extensive built-in and user-defined functions, ANSI;color, word wrapping, alarms, and online help. It is fully customizeable and 90% compatible with TinTin++ clients.

An entire page devoted to the TinyFugue client, one of the most popular.

A windows MUDclient
A software company that has a totally free MUD client for windows9x and NT.

AMCL is a small light-weight mu* client in an on-going state which aims to be a widely used, and useful mudclient for X11/Unix.

CWSApps - 32-bit Telnet Apps
Stroud's list of 32-bit telnet apps available for windows. Extremely comprehensive!

Firebolt Software Home Page - Home of Fire Client - Mud Client for a new world
Site for downloading the best MUD client made, Fire Client. The newest version is solid and I recommend it to anyone who cares about mudding and doing cool stuff too.

Kmud is a free graphical MUD client for Linux and other Unix platforms running KDE. It is an useful and easy to use program for all people that want a nice graphical interface instead of a simple telnet for playing MUDs. Features: connection wizard / profiles, automapper, aliases, triggers (also color-triggers, regex support), input history (with intelligent browsing), split screen in view history scrollback, numpad walking, speed walking, ansi/vt100 support with color customising, alternative input line & multiline input, logging facility, auto login / auto reconnect, programmable toolbar, MCCP (mud client compression protocol) support, plugin interface

MUSH Client for Windows
Informational page about Nick Gammon's MUSH Client, a MUSH/Mud client for 32-bit windows (Windows 95 and Windows NT).

MonkeyTerm is a scriptable mud-client. Currently it supports RegExp for pattern matching and VBScript for scripting. These two tools makes this one of the most powerful mud clients on the net.

MuckClient is a free windows based client, suitable for all mu* games. No adds, no popups.

Mud Master 2000
If you are looking for a graphical client with menus and a mouse-driven interface, MM2000 is for you. When it comes to scrolling text and speed, the windows GUI (Graphical User Interface) can be faster than the windows Console Mode. (Yes, I know there are exceptions.) Anybody familiar with Mud Master Console (Dos) or Tintin should have no trouble getting used to Mud Master 2000. I have modeled the syntax after MM Console & Tintin's. Without any major and perhaps some minor adjustments, you should be able to load MM Console and Tintin command files.

Most importantly, Mud Master 2000 is FREE. The client is not crippled in any way, nor does it nag you to register. If you find the program useful you are welcome to use it all you like.

Mud Master 2000 has been a hobby of mine for awhile now. I work on it when I find the time or get the urge. Sometimes this means it won't change for a lengthy period of time and sometimes there might be several updates in a week. Be sure to update OFTEN!

The client is 32bit only (win95/NT). It runs in the win32 console mode which makes it quite a bit faster than any GUI client around. It supports actions, aliases, macros, variables, events, gags, highlights, arrays, lists, ANSI color. Site to site chat allows the private talking of players, transfer of files and transfer of scripts.

NCSA Telnet
FTP site for locating NCSA Telnet for Dos PCs.

A shareware version of Netterm is available here.

Papaya is a GTK MUD client for UNIX (Linux and Solaris have been tested) and Windows. It supports multiple connections, plugins (UNIX), colour, aliases, one-key aliases (macros) and MCCP.

Portal - The world's first truly global client (win95/98 only. Other OS's currently in progress)
Portal is a brilliant mud client. it is compatible with virtually hundreds of MUDs/MOOs/MUSHes etc... It has literally hundreds of features, with an easy to learn scripting feature to add your own features as well. Fully user-customisable.

Powwow is a Unix MUD client. Its features include: multiple connections, aliases, triggers (actions), file logging, ansi colours, input history (with auto complete), powerful scripting language to build complex macros, numpad-walking and configurable single-key commands, speed-walking and more... Powwow also supports MUME remote editing.

RMC - Ron's MUD Client
RMC is a MUD client for Linux/X11. It features multiple simultaneous connections, aliases, triggers, a built in connection editor, file and window logging, and an easy to use interface. Check it out!

A relatively new MUD client for the Macintosh. Boasts a wide range of features, including ANSI colour and styling, triggers, gags, multi-threaded aliases, channels, journeying and others.

RoAClient MUD Client
RoAClient MUD Client is a Winsock-based, 32-bit, GUI MUD client with support for unlimited triggers, aliases, nicknames, highlights, gags, unlimited color scrollback, split-screen scrollback, profile support for multiplaying, autoconnect, custom buttons, and more.

Sclient is an small fast mudclient to be run under Linux/X windows. It's very much under development but it's still a great client(rated 3 of 5 on

SMM++ Mud Client
SMM++ Mud Client is a mud client with extended and unique features. Aside from all standard mud client functionality like ANSI color support, aliases, action triggers, and tab-completition, SMM++ features a highly-customizable user interface (labels, buttons, and menus) and unique and powerful mapping capabilities, and SMM++ is the only mapping crossplatform (Tcl/Tk based) mud client available.

SMud 1.0
A windows MUD client allowing graphical interaction with a host. SMud is geared towards MOOs, but should work with most MUDs as well.

SimpleMU MUD/MUSH Client
SimpleMU is a winsock-based client written by Kathleen McMahon (shae). It was designed with MUSHes in mind, however can be used for MUDs, MUCKs and MOOs. Some of its features are: ansi color support, multiple server support, MUD Client Compression Protocol, live spell check and thesaurus, history recall, keyboard macros, offline mail composing, triggers, pattern matching gags and sound triggers.

Stick in the MUD
Stick in the MUD, a short download but full-featured MUD client, with all the popular features and some original features, including the tell window, infinite scrollback, and sound triggers! Check back often, version 2.0 is in the works!

The Java(tm) Telnet Applet
This is a VT320/ANSI capable telnet client + terminal emulation. It is improved constantly. A lot of the german muds use it already and I am thinking about writing a MUD module for it.

The Macintosh (MacOS) MUDding Resource WWW Page
This page contains just about everything a Mac user would need to start mudding. Includes links to mud servers, mud clients, editors, and various other resource links.

The Spod! mud client
This site is the homepage, and 'news center' for the Spod! mud client, which is being developed as a multi-platform connectivity solution, in Java.

The eXtensible PERl scripTable MUDclient
xpertmud is a Unix/X11/KDE MUD Client with support for ANSI-Color, Word-Wrapping, Bookmarks with MUD-Specific scripts, inputline history and multiple windows. It offers the best scripting functionability out there:

  • Choose between Perl and Python
  • Use the full power of perl regexps for Triggers, Aliases and Keybindings
  • Timers allow you to execute tasks in the background
  • Use multiple windows to have important status information always visible on screen
  • Keybindings allow features like Keypad-Walking, hotkeys for battles, ...

If you know perl or python, there are no limits in what you can archieve with this client. Example script for the BT3030 MUX included. Trebuchet Muck client
Trebuchet is an advanced cross-platform (Windows, Unix and MacOS X) Muck client with support for the latest in Muck features, including GUI dialogs for server-side programs.

Home of WinMUD, the unique Windows MUD client with skin support.

Information about WyrmNet - a Windows telnet client designed specifically for MUDs, MUCKs, MUSHs, and MOOs. Includes download sites and development news.

Yet Another Mud Client
Simple Java Mud Client.

mcl - MUD client for Linux
mcl runs primarily under the Virtual Consoles of Linux, but can run in a slower mode, which allows it to run under xterm and any other UNIX. Supports scrollback limited only by your memory, separate input line, stable ANSI support, automatic prompt snarfing, aliases, macro keys, actions and substitutions. Extensively scriptable using Perl or Python.

A very nice graphical cross-platform client written in Tcl/Tk.

wUnderMu** Web Based MOO / MUD / MUSH Client
wUnderMu** is a MUD / MOO / MUSH client that runs in IE 4.0+ Has a growing feature set including adjustable linewrapped input window, a type-check-send input interface, history scrollback feature, and clearscreen. [Version 1.0] Along with easy access from anywhere you already have a web browser (work, school, restricted computers, someone else's computer) and requiring no installation. Great when your favorite client's not immediately availabel, loads in just seconds on a 56k line, and beats telnet hands down!

yet another TinTin++. Motivated by wintin and tintin++, compiles on both windows and Unix. Lots of enhancement from TinTin++1.76. The advanced users liked it and some features for newbie will be added soon. The size is small (55K zipped) while give the users almost all the programming ability they need.

A mush client written in Perl, built around the Net::Telnet and Tk modules. It is meant to be a simple program which is easily customizable. Its features include logging, macro definition, speech filters, command history, ANSI colors, multi-input and output windows and many other goodies.