Elkin Shops

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Swords and Daggers: n, w (Weapons)

Armoury: n2, w (Armour)

Thieves Den: n2, w3 (Weapons and Armour)

Greg's General Store: n3, w3 (Rings, artifacts, keys, containers, etc)

Sue's Diner: e,n (Food)

A Darkened Corner: e, n5 (Teleport potions for sale at midnight)

Slim's Pub: s3, e (Alcohol)

Magicks R Us: s3, e3 (Potions, recall scrolls, etc.. level 10 and below only)

Use Kelbin in Vhronia for potions. w19, s, w6, n3, e from Elkin fountain.

Use the Vhronian Magik Shoppe for recall scrolls. w, s, w from Kelbin in Vhronia.

Elkin Post Office: e, s (Pen and paper)