Elip Teachers/Shops

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All Directions are from the POT HOLE --there is a map of elip in the pot hole--

Arched Bridge (water fountain): 3w

  • Shops: --ARE ONLY OPEN (6am - 7pm)--

Food/Bottles: 1n

Basket/Clothing: 1s

Weaponshop: e, n

Armour: e, s

Inn (rent): e, 2n, e, 2n, e, 3n

Thomas (recalls, potions, torches, potions): a. His Shop (during the day) e 2n, e, 3n b. Wanders the fields (during evening/night), w, 2s

  • Teachers:

Thomas (Mage) - See Thomas listed above:

Kurt (Warrior), wanders close by the pothole:

Halfling Priest (Cleric): a. Inside the Church (during the day) w, s, w b. Wanders - typically fields (during evening/night) w, 2s

Ki-rin (Cleric & Ranger), His hut: e, 2n, e, 2n, e, 2n, e

Elin (Thief & Misc. Melee), Cabin Bar or East-Side: a. 1n (During the day) b. 2e (During the evening/night)

Schal (Necromancers), Under the church: w, s, w, (open carpet), d - (best to close carpet behind you. He will walk out and easily get killed. He is also aggro to everyone but necromancers.)