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Dying on Worlds of Carnage

Worlds of Carnage is an old school mud from the DIKU era. It has it's roots in adult style play with consequences. Some of this can be a little harsh.

If you die in Worlds of Carnage, your body will be left where it fell and you'll be reborn into the world, naked, without any gear, and with no hit points. You won't have a light source and might even have to get back to where you were in the dark unless you buy a torch or lantern. The thing that killed you will still be there and it may still even try to kill you again, although *some* mobs stop hating you when you die. You will also lose a substantial amount of XP each time you die, and can even lose levels that you've previously gained. Your body will stay on the floor for a time (need an exact time here) but will then decompose, leaving all your gear behind. All of this can be pretty traumatic.

So, ...avoid dying.  :D

Pro Tips:

  • Groups have a better survival rate that playing solo, and can also help you retrieve a body easier in the case of the unfortunate.
  • When exploring unknown areas, set your WIMPY to a high % of your total HIT POINTS
  • Heed the warning signs. If there's a pile of bones and skeletons in a cave you're exploring, and you find yourself doubling over and retching from the smell of death, you probably won't find a bunny around the corner. Set your wimpy high and be prepared FLEE. If you look at the EXITS in a room and it says: South - "You would surely fall to your Death". Maybe don't go south. DEATH TRAPS have their own special handling btw, see below.
  • If you play SOLO alot, put some money into your bank account in your hometown, so that you can afford to buy some basic gear if you need to go run out and find your body.
  • Spells like: CORPSE WALK, can be a life saver when it comes to getting your gear back.
  • Exploring as a low level character is somewhat protected and some things won't attack you if you're lower lvl. So explore more early on, when you have less to lose.

Ways you can die

  • You can die by getting attacked or attacking something and losing all of your hit points.
  • You can die by having your water breathing spell wear off, while being underwater
  • You can die by having your FLY spell wear off at the wrong time, over the wrong area
  • You can die by being poisoned
  • You can die by walking into a DEATH TRAP

Death Traps

Death traps are areas or rooms that when you enter, you instantly die. ALL DEATH TRAPS are called out in the room descriptions and are shown within EXIT descriptions. The nicer aspect to a death trap is that you don't lose all your gear, just (NEEDS VERIFICATION: 2 pieces of equipped and 2 pieces from inventory?). When you die from a DEATH TRAP, you lose gear, and XP, and you're put back to the fountain in your home town.