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The Worlds of Carnage are currently being hosted at (NEED INFO FROM OTHER PAGE), on the following kind of machine (NEED INFO FROM OTHER PAGE).


Donations are NOT expected, required or solicited. Worlds of Carnage has always been FREE TO PLAY, per the DIKU license. This page has been created for those that have been persistent in respect to their desire to contribute. If you insist on donating anything to Worlds of Carnage to help cover expenses, you will not receive any in-game compensation for it. You will not receive any in-game favors. You will not receive any additional influence in respect to the design of the mud. You will literally get nothing, other then the satisfaction of supporting a cool project that's been in development for close to 30 years. Ok, with all of that said, IF YOU FEEL YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST, you can send money to here (INSERT PAYPAL LINK HERE)