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The dodge skill allows an adventurer to utilize their lightning-quick reflexes to dodge attacks while in combat. It is like an in-combat evade. Although you will dodge some attacks, a 99% proficiency will only allow you to dodge maybe 20% of the time.

Dodge Tome:

Dodge is taught up to 80% by a pale slender man. From the Market of the Gargoyle: 4w 5n e s

To acquire the dodge tome one must first journey to the Island of Crete. Find Conan's Library and take the 9th tome. Be careful not to waste too much time in there as Conan does not appreciate you stealing from his library. Once you have the Tome of Agility journey across the world to the continent of Cythera. You must take the Tome to Louven in Grand Mariner. Give the tome from Conans Library to Louven and he will give you the Dodge Tome in exchange.

The tome can also be acquired from killing the mighty dragon Balzic.

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