Cleric Skills

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By dedicating yourself to the path of a Cleric you choose to pursue a strong relationship with your deity and in doing so establish your skills in the healing and protective arts. While it is true that Clerics for the most part are healers, it is also true that they can wreak destruction too. Much of a cleric's worldly knowledge can be combined with divine direction to harness the natural elements.

Dedicated Cleric Skills: Deaths Door, Major Heal, Mana Shield, Meteor Shower, Purify Vampire, Regenerate, Resurrection, Revitalize, Sanctuary, Striking.

Secondary Skills: antimagic, armour, blades, bless, call lightning, cause critical, cause light, cause serious, command, comprehension, conjure espirit, continual light, control weather, create food, create water, cure blindness, cure critical, cure light, cure serious, cure sickness, detect aura, detect invisibility, detect magic, detect poison, dispel evil, dispel magic, earthquake, feeble mind, fumble, grow, harm, heal, holy word, identify, illuminate, infravision, locate creature, locate object, prismic missile, protection from evil, purify air, remove curse, remove deadly poison, remove poison, sane mind, sense life, silence, summon, turn undead, vigour, water breath, water walk, wind walk, word of recall.