Choosing a hometown

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Choosing a home town

Depending on the race you select, you'll be presented with different home town options.

For the purpose of leveling a character, there are really only 3 viable options for home towns. Elkin (on Carnage continent), Cythera (on Cythera continent) and Lerges (on Ark'Num continent). All of the other towns listed below are either too far away from starting zones, don't have a good gear selection from vendors, or are otherwise too dangerous for starting players. That said, here is a list of all possible starting home towns.

  • Elkin - great starting town - close to low lvl areas, good vendors, safe
  • Gratien - higher lvl
  • Wikam - a place of sadness, poor gear, DEATH TRAP close by
  • Latvia - higher lvl
  • Vhronia - higher lvl
  • Cimmura - higher lvl
  • Elip - higher lvl
  • Lerges - great starting town - close to low lvl areas, good vendors, safe
  • Shayol Gul - the starting town for Trolls
  • Gran Marnier - higher lvl
  • Cythera - great starting town, close to low lvl areas, good vendors, relatively safe

What if you decide that you don't like your starting home town?

There are movers in various cities that will help you change your home town for a fee, or, if you're really low lvl can always just delete your character and start over.