Character Rebirth

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Lets say you've leveled up a character to lvl 50 and you realize it's just not that much fun to play or that leveling is just way too hard for this type of character. Or maybe you regret the original stat assignments or class selection/s. Fear not!

You can REBIRTH your character and essentially start over, keeping most of your XP, your gained stats & practice sessions ...with a few caveats.

  • Caveat #1: You'll need to be level 50 or above
  • Caveat #2: You'll lose 25% of all your XP
  • Caveat #3: You'll need to coordinate your REBIRTH so that you don't lose your money & gear.
  • Caveat #4: You'll need to die, worries though, as long as you've started the REBIRTH process, this last death won't cost you anything

Pro Tip: The first time you REBIRTH, make sure you read up on all of the help files about it and find somebody high lvl who has done it before to give you pointers.

Pro Tip: You continue to gain RACIAL stat points past lvl 75 all the way to 110M XP. Because of this, mostly people who want to just change classes, will do so after reaching 134M XP, so that they are at full stat points for their race, when they REBIRTH.

Pro Tip: You continue to earn HPS, MANA, MVS and practice sessions all the way till 600M XP. So if you want to get to MAX everything and then start over on a different character with MAX everything, you'll need a character with 750M XP to do so.