Armour Golem

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"Armour Golem" spell:

Mana cost: 100

With this spell, you summon all your power to animate a lifeless pile of armour. The minimum required pieces of armour to sustain a human form are: head, body, arms, legs, hands and feet, with the higher quality armour resulting in a more powerful golem. You may also include up to a full suit of armour. Only the most powerful of spellcasters wield enough power to animate more than one armour golem at a time.

The Armour Golem spell is not a widely used spell as you lose all of the equipment when your Golem dies. However, it is a prerequisite to some more popular spells, so it is necessary to learn it in some cases.

Armour Golem Tome:

The Armour Golem tome can be found in the Cave of Law. From the Elkin Fountain: w16, n5, w. From here you must kill the Chaos Drake north of the Entrance to the Cave of Ruins. He holds the power to make the feared Akeem mortal. You must battle your way into the Keep and up to the top levels to find Akeem. Be sure to destroy the Horde of Undead before you attempt to make Akeem mortal. Once you're ready to battle Akeem, hold the item aquired from the Chaos Drake and read it aloud. Be careful, Akeem is quick to reach out and grab your soul.