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 Post subject: Shaman Boons
PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2006 9:30:24pm 
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First I want to thank you for helping to promote Shamans by re-introducing new versions of the old cythera boons as they look like they will be fun to use but i have some questions, first what were you smoking when you made the prereqs? haha just messin. Some are in line with the Boon they build towards but i see no relation with others and the prereqs list seems incredibly long for some.

Bless as prereq to turtle boon makes sense as both are simple buffs

Cure Light and Serious for elk boon seem a little odd as they are minor heals and boon of the elk is a dexterity buff but this could be just to make the spell a little harder to get and is not a big deal

Cause light, Serious, and Darkness make sense for wolfs boon as it increases damage and gives infravision, althought it seems infravision should come before darkness but i like the thought

Boon of the Eagle gets ugly though, detect aura is a no brainer but cure blindness, create water, and control weather to sense life and detect invis? really dont know how making clouds pertains to seeing hard to see objects and i also dont agree with taking detect invis out of their skill tree and replacing with a spell that has 14 prerequisites

Boon of the tiger also looks like you threw darts at an ALLSKILLS printout. This boon makes you hit harder in combat so where do command, blindness, curse, word of recall, summon, illuminate, and rune fit in with combat damage? other prereqs that arguable make sense are chill touch, magic missile, incindary missile, fireball, call lightning, and lightning bolt which do cause damage, but not in the sense of "tiger" style combat.

Boon of the Bull increases constitution and hit points, an interesting spell but i dont understand how Feeble Mind, which makes casters semi retarded, helps to pump your own hps

finially Boon of the Horse, being dedicated shaman only needs all the above named spells to learn, 32 in all

It just seems to me that there is no linear pattern to attaining these spells that is apparent in all other spells. If you like the way the prereqs are set up then perhaps make the boons not dependant on each other, perhaps three branches of them looking like:
Turtle > Bull > Horse.... all 3 being armour and HP related
Elk > Wolf > Tiger.... enhancing damage and agility
Eagle > (new Wis and/or Int boon) > (new increase mana and/or spell quality boon for increased spell damage)

with the boons not dependanton one another, shamans could choose a path to support their play style, either fighter or caster without the unnecessary and unwanted prereqs of the others

yea that may be alot of talk for my first post but i felt i needed to share my thoughts and feelings :lol:

also Blobs, lay off the funky stuff when assigning prerequisites *w00t 8)


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PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2006 10:07:40pm 
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Prerequisites are quite simple. When creating prerequisites I do not consider the subb-prerequisites imposed by the prerequisite in question. For instance "boon of the horse" has "boon of the bull" as a prerequisite. The fact that "boon of the bull" has prerequisites that don't seem to fit "boon of the horse" is not interesting to the determination of a prerequisite for "boon of the horse".

Now laying out the boon prereqs:

boon of the turtle

bless (a no brainer as you said)

boon of the elk

boon of the turtle (simple enough)
cure serious (don't want it too eaisly attained as you guessed)

boon of the wolf

boon of the elk (there's a pattern here :)
darkness (knowing darkness can help you overcome it)
cause serious (wolf do damage)

boon of the eagle

boon of the wolf (wheeeeeeeeee)
detect aura (simple enough as you say)
cure blindness (improve any imperfections in vision)
control weather (visibility is best during clear days ;)

boon of the tiger

boon of the eagle (...)
command (control the tiger within)
rune (runes are so arbitrarily applicable *lol*)

boon of the bull

boon of the tiger (are ya still with me :)
feeble mind (bulls are stupid, thus feel less pain and can take more)

So there you have it.

I understand what you're saying about choosing a specific path, but IMHO allowing trivial paths to high powered skills bypasses an inherent balance imposed on lower level players who must first fill out the prerequisites. And again, prerequisites are not determined by the second level and deeper requisites.



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PostPosted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 4:38:43am 
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If anyone has found a teacher for these on the carnage continent, please drop me a ping... assuming that there is one of course :shock:


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