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 Post subject: Zane Grunak
PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2005 8:35:49am 
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“The Master will see you now Zanenanghst, enter…”

Zane paused as the two Black Knight Guardians moved from their posts to release the two huge iron bolts that firmly secured the entrance to the Master’s chamber. In the distance a faint chime could be heard within the dark abyss that was appearing between the marble doors as they ominously swung apart. Making sure that he kept his gaze firmly on the floor, Zane slowly lumbered forward into the high-chamber, a faint breeze stirring the flames of the blood red candles that partially lighted his route.

The smell of decomposing flesh was overpowering. Dried blood stains were splattered wildly across the floor and ancient tapestries, which had once brought warmth to the cold hall and now rotted on the walls. On reaching the three steps that led up to the Masters high-alter, Zane paused and awaited. Shadows moved in the periphery of his vision and the temptation to turn and see what approached was overpowering. A chill raced up Zane’s spine as he heard, for the first time in his short miserable life the low rasping voice of the Necromancer.

“You’re time to serve me completely has come… it is now time to partake in the ritual…”

“I have not used your… breed before… this will be… interesting… move forward Troll...” rasped the Necromancer.

Zane lumbered up the stairs and prostrated himself across his Masters unholy alter. Unaware of the location from which the voice had emanated, Zane focused his mind on the blackened engravings that covered ever inch of the stone surfaced. Shifting his bulk so that he could raise his colossal body fully onto the plinth, Zane sensed more than detected movement in the dark recesses of the chamber. A low chime echoed once more through the ancient chamber as the faint sound of foot steps slowly approached.

“You will give me sustenance Troll… in return the ritual will… transfer a limited amount of my… powers to you..."

"Through this you will become one of my… Black Knights and be pledged for eternity to bring… sustenance … to me from across this forsaken continent…”

The stench of death increased as Zane sensed the Necromancer approach. In the distance he heard a chant that started slowly to increase in intensity. Louder and louder the dark mass echoed through the chamber, a blue glow surrounding the rotting hand that slowly moved over his arm until it hovered over his heart. The blood pumped faster and faster through his veins as excruciating pain shot throughout his body. His jaws stretched wide open a tremendous hatred started to grow within him. The Necromancers decrepit hand now moved slowly down and down, closer to his chest until, with a sudden thrust, the clawed limb plunged into Zane’s heart. The room reverberated with a cry of agony as Zane’s life forced seemed to drain from his very essence, as though eaten by an insatiable appetite, his constitution slowly ebbed from its racial norm. Blackness started to form on the edge of his vision as Zane mercifully slipped from consciousness, a final spasm silencing his inert frame...

"Bring me death Zanenanghst... bring me death... my Black Knight..."


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