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 Post subject: Communing with nature interrupted in the Mono Forest
PostPosted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 6:07:02am 
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Marton and his pet tortoise were exploring the mono forest. They passed along the road throught the pleasant light areas happily watching little monos play about until they reached the darker, more central parts of the forest. There they found an enormous tree with an entry in the trunk that could easily be climbed. Didn't know tortoises could climb trees? Neither did I...but I do now. (Think flying pigs might be possible too)

At the entrance to the tree were some larger monos eating fruit and lazing about asleep. There were at least five and we didn't hang around in case they were about to start exercising.

From the tree we could see some huge GreatWood trees round the other side so we planned to head down the other side of the tree. As we did so we were attacked by a massive savage mono. Whilst we easily overpowered it we should have realised it was a sign of things to come.

Just as we had sat down and started to study these amaxzing Great Wood trees we were disturbed again by another savage. Unfortunately this one screamed out for help as soon as it saw us. We were just finishing fending it off when another set off teeth appeared in the darkness and we were attacked again. By this time we were both tiring of fighting and were far from pleased to see the arrival of a third of these creatures. With one huge blow it laid out the tortoise immobile on the ground and launched into Marton. After a terrific struggle it was finally overcome and Marton staggered back to look at the mortally wounded tortoise. Marton vainly tried to remember the healing arts he had learned as a youngster from his druid friends. He focused his mind and tried to identify the damaged tissues before repairing them. The first few attempts failed but finally enough wounds were healed for the tortoise to come round.
Having decided that research was far too dangerous they retraced their footsteps back to the tree where they rested before heading back to their lodgings at Elip.


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