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The skill of animal training allows an adventurer to do more then just befriend animals, but to actually train them. A trained animal will obey orders, gain experience and levels, and rent out with you at the inns. As a pet advances in levels, it will gain training sessions that you can use to increase its attributes. While it takes only a small amount of skill to train an animal, The success rate of increasing its attribute depends more heavily on your skill percentage. Following are the attributes you can improve:

train <befriended animal>
train <trained pet> <stat to train> (ex: train wolf str)
train (shows pets stats)

str - Strength, This will increase its damage potential among other things.

int - Intelligence, This will increase your pet's resistance to magic and its ability to learn.

wis - Wisdom, A pet with a higher wisdom can gain more training sessions per level.

con - Constitution, This will affect how many hit points your pet gains when it advances a level.

dex - Dexterity, A higher dexterity will allow a pet to avoid attacks more effectively.

hit* - Hit Roll, Increases your pets chance to hit in combat.

hp* - Hit Points, This will allow your pet to take more damage before

ac* - Armor Class, Teaches your pet to avoid attacks, and take less damage from the ones they can't.

dam** - Damage Roll, Increases your pet's damage potential

* --> requires 2 training sessions.
** --> requires 3 training sessions.

Some Notes:

- Trained Pets do not hold on to equipment when they rent.

- If you have annlev turned on, your pet's level gains will be announced along with your own.

- You may only have ONE trained pet at a time, and it won't affect the number of befriended animals you may have.

- Make sure your pet is at the inn with you when you rent, or you'll lose it!

Relevant Statistics





Primary Druid, Woodcraft, and Animal Friendship


Primary Ranger, Woodcraft, and Animal Friendship

How well does this skill work?

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