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Prompt Colour Macros
( Color )

The following macros may be used to add colour to your ansi enabled prompt
when it is displayed. You just need to insert the tag (braces also) into
your prompt string:

    <black>            <blackBg>
    <red>              <redBg>              <normal>
    <green>            <greenBg>            <bold>
    <brown>            <brownBg>
    <blue>             <blueBg>
    <magenta>          <magentaBg>
    <cyan>             <cyanBg>
    <gray>             <grayBg>

These macros may also be used in most types of communication.

See Also: Prompt Customization, Prompt Stat Macros

Blobbie The Implementor
( Blobule )

Once thought to be just another of the denizens of the underworld, this
proud creature has since shown the lands his awesome power. It is said
that no mortal has ever confronted this slimiest of creatures without
being scarred by his wrath. One should be humble and respectful when in
the the presence of Blobbie for in his grasp is the power to unmake all
that has been made... including YOU!

Wodan The Viking

A very, very LARGE Viking with a pie.


This gnome died and came back more times then Barbara Streisand's career.  The
living world wouldn't tolerate him, and Hell couldn't handle him.  So, the
powers of the universe did the only thing they could.  They made him a demon.
To spend eternity wandering in a state between life and death.  From somwhere in
the dark depths of your soul you can hear DevilDoll say to you, "Are you
looking at me?"


Your idol =p

Phred, God Of Cheese

The Great God of Cheese and all things "cheesey"!


The Dwarven God.


"I flip the switch."

Tyree Leprechaun King

Once, he was a mere lawn-gnome.  But after the Great Ascent to the Drury
Domain, Tyree was given godly powers for his part in the mighty change
to this, our great Worlds of Carnage.

Since his grand transformation, he has taken the title of King of Textual
Corrections.  This tedious job is much to his suiting -- for he is the
first to correct someone in their errors (thought some say last in
admitting his own).


The one and only Zam! She was here first and don't you forget it....
also by far the cutest immortal there is... (though Pazam is a very
close second)