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Hornet's Nest
( hornet nest )

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Continent: <?= %areaGetStat( hornet, continent ) ?>

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( creation )

Humans are typically 6 feet tall and 180 lbs, rarely clumsy or stupid. They
are the most diverse race in the world, able to learn any set of skills to
any degree. However, it is uncommon to see as strong a human fighter as you
might see a Troll fighter, or to see as powerful a Human mage as you see might
see a Gnomish mage.

See Also: Races

Hunt Skill

   Hunt allows you to hunt down another character or monster.  Hunt will
take you in the most direct path to your quarry, so watch your step!  If
you decide to break off the trail to your quarry, you lose track of its
position and you must start hunting anew.  The range of your hunt skill
increases as you become a more experienced adventurer, and your chances of
hunting successfully increase as you increase your hunt skill.
    This skill requires woodcraft.

Iceball Spell

Mana Cost : 40                Target    : victim
Save      : Versus Spell for half damage
Effect    : 

After mastering the group of fire spells, one of the arcane school may
combine that knowledge with another spell to learn this chilling one.
Iceball causes magical balls of ice to freeze everyone in the room not in
the caster's group.  It is more powerful than fireball.

See Also: Fireball, Deep Freeze

Identify Spell

Mana Cost : 75                Target    : object
Save      : None
Effect    : Knowledge is the key to success

Either school of magic is capable of learning this spell.  With the proper
training, one may learn which sword does better damage, what that bone scroll
casts when read, or if that cloak actually has any use other than selling it
for gold.

Idle, Autorent

   There is no longer a rent system in the Worlds of Carnage. If you are
idle for long enough you will first be teleported to a safe spot, and then
if you are idle even longer you will be auto stored.

See Also:: Rent, Inn, Save, Crash


This command allows you to ignore most actions performed by any PC or NPC
creature in the world. The list you create is not saved, however, you can
ignore PC characters not currently in the game. The following details the
command usage:


        ignore                - view list of ignored targets
        ignore <keyword>      - toggle ignore for PC matching keyword
        ignore <keyword> npc  - toggle ignore for NPC matching keyword

The keyword parameter can be a partial keyword; however, an attempt is made
to find a full match first. The actual order of search is as follows:

    - full keyword match currently playing
    - full keyword match in database
    - partial keyword match currently playing
    - partial keyword match in database

To stop ignoring someone just issue the same ignore command again.

Illuminate Spell

Mana Cost : 10                Target    : None
Save      : None
Effect    : Home made lantern of magical energy

This spell conjures a glowing orb that can be used as a light source.  You
can hold, drop, or throw the orb to achieve different effects.

See Also: Continual Light Spell, Darkness Spell

Illusion Spell
( illusions )

Mana Cost : 200                 Target    : object
Save      : None
Effect    : Creates an illusion around an item

The illusion spell allows the caster to create an illusion around an object making
it appear as another object. A limitation of the illusion is that it fails when the
item is observed in full view of a room (such as lying on the ground).


        cast 'illusion' <object>


        cast 'illusion' spork

Upon casting the spell, the caster will be prompted to concentrate on how the
illusion should look to a casual observer.


The imprint command allows a ranger or druid to become deeply familiarized
with any forest that they are occupying. By imprinting the forest upon their
psyche, the ranger or druid can at a later time recall to the imprinted
location. To imprint a location you must be in a forest and then all you need
do is enter imprint. Up to three locations can be remembered.


    imprint             - imprint the current forest location
    imprint list        - view a listing of all imprinted locations
    imprint clear       - clear all imprinted locations

See Also: Forest Retreat Spell