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Mana Shield Spell

Mana Cost : 80                   Target : self only
Save      : None
Effect    : I'm not dead yet

The person protected by this spell will never fall below 1 hitpoint as long as
they have mana points remaining to absorb the damage.

( area )

Creator: <?= %areaGetStat( midway, creator ) ?>
Continent: <?= %areaGetStat( midway, continent ) ?>

    \   %areaGetStat( midway, description ),
    \   @n->flags->ansiColour, 80 )

Mind Flay Spell

Mana Cost : 80                Target    : victim
Save      : Vs. Prayer for 1/2 damage.
Effect    : Duh, wha!?

This spell will viciously attack the minds of all creatures in the room that
are not part of the caster's group. While inflicting severe damage on the
victims it can also induce insanity.

See Also: Insanity

Mono Forest
( area )

Creator: <?= %areaGetStat( mono_forest, creator ) ?>
Continent: <?= %areaGetStat( mono_forest, continent ) ?>

    \   %areaGetStat( mono_forest, description ),
    \   @n->flags->ansiColour, 80 )

Morale Spell

Mana Cost : 70                Target    : self
Save      : None
Effect    : Morale to replenish the spirit.

This spell enables a paladin to increase the morale of his followers. With
increased morale the followers will regenerate mana, hitpoints, and movement
15% faster than without. The paladin does not receive the bonus and must
be the foremost leader for it to apply to his followers.

Morph Spell

Mana Cost: 125               Target:
Save     : None
Effect   : Turn into an animal

As a druid becomes more experienced, they are able to learn how to shape
themselves to resemble animals.  Thus, granting them some of the stats,
abilities, and skills of those animals.  Others will be able to see them
shaped into a hybrid of the animal and their old race. However, this may
include some negative bonuses of that animal.

Available animal types:
    bear    - physical offensive
    bull    - defense and constitution
    kneazle - strong magically
    turtle  - strong overall defense
    viper   - poisonous
    wolf    - stalking


        cast 'morph' <animal type>


        cast 'morph' bear

    Removing the buff:

        cast 'morph' none


        cast 'morph' off


  MUD stands for Multi-User Dungeon or Multi-User Dimension, which is a game which several
people can get on from different places and interact with each other
in a D&D ((c) TSR) type setup.


Multiplaying is the act of having more than one of your characters in play at
the same time. This definition is also extended to the kinds of behaviour
where one of your characters acts upon information previously only known to
another of your characters. This information could not have been transferred
from one character to another since they could never have met without
multiplaying. Even though you didn't log them in at the same time, the concept
is the same. Posting a note on a board with player A for your other player B
to read, in an attempt to bypass multiplay rules, is also considered
multiplay, since player B wouldn't reasonably know to view the message without
player A's knowledge. The following actions are common multiplay infractions:

    - more than one character in play at the same time

    - dropping link and logging in another character, the character who's
      link was dropped is still in the game

    - dropping equipment for another of your players to pick up

    - selling equipment in a store with the intent of retrieving it with
      another of your characters

    - giving equipment to another player or creature in the world with the
      intent of retrieving it with another of your characters

    - seeing an enemy and switching to a stronger character so you can kick
      their butt

The above list is not complete, the onus is on YOU, the player, to understand
what is and is not multiplaying, and appropriately play the game.

DO NOT MULTIPLAY. Punishment will be severe.

See Also: Rules

Name Completion

   You can now use built-in name completion with just about any command
by using the '/' character.  By putting the '/' character at the end
of a partial name, the MUD will complete that name for you.  For example,
if you wanted to tell your friend Foobarslinspitilby something, you could
do "tell foob/ What's up?" and the mud would complete "foob" with the
name "foobarslinspitilby" for you.  Or if there was an object named
"The Necronomicon" you wanted to pick up, you could do "get nec/" and
it would complete the "nec" with "necronomicon".  Be aware that the mud
will take the first thing that it knows about that matches the letters
you give, so be careful!  You might get unexpected results if you
mistakenly refer to the wrong thing.

Newbie Novice

Welcome to the Worlds of Carnage, this help file is designed to give you a few
hints to find out info about this mud. First of all, any topic that is in
green is a command that you can issue to the game. You can also get help on
these commands by entering: "help <command>". Additionally special interest
keywords are coloured in cyan. You can also get help on these topics using:
"help <topic>".

If this is the first time you have ever played a MUD, and you have no idea
what you are doing, then it is strongly suggested that you first read the
clueless help: "help clueless".

The Worlds of Carnage allows players to choose between advancing their skills
according to skill-based rules, or according to class-based rules. Your
ability to use your skills is strongly dependent on your primary stats:


While you can learn 99% of any skill for which you have the prerequisites, you
will find that learning is takes longer with lower relevant stats and the
power of your skill will also be less.

There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing the skill-based or
class-based style of play. if you choose skill-based then you will have the
most flexibility in your skill choices; however, you will not be able to learn
the most powerful skills for any given class. That said you will receive no
penalties on your skills, nor will you receive any bonuses. Alternatively, if
you take the class-based approach then you may also choose a secondary class.
This provides some flexibility but the skills in your secondary class will get
a quality penalty. If your secondary class is chosen to be the same as your
primary class, then you will have less flexibility, but will receive a skill
quality bonus.

To gain skills you must first practice them. To practice skills you must find
a teacher that is willing to teach you and you must have practice points to
spend. Practice points are gained from battles. When you kill a creature you
will gain experience points, and roll for stat and practice gains. The chance
of receiving a gain depends on your race and your current experience. As you
progress in the game you will notice that gains are harder and harder to come
by. That said, while the game does support the notion of levels, levels do
not control your gains, and the harder you work the more powerful you can
become since there is no limit to your advancement.

When you enter the game you will find yourself in the hometown of your
choosing. Different towns have different degrees of difficulty. The easiest in
which to thrive are Elkin, Cythera, and Elip. The others are more difficult
and you may choose at your own risk.

No matter where your hometown is you will have received the magical talking
sword. This sword will be your companion during your early adventuring. You
can choose to throw it away or you can learn from it as you advance. If you
"say help" it will pipe up and offer you information on various topics.

Once you have begun adventuring you should try talking to everyone. Not only
can other players help you with information, the people in the towns will be
happy to do so too.  Just ask them for help.

Make sure to take a quick look at the rules. You will be held accountable for
failing to abide by them. Ignorance is no excuse. So don't claim to have not

There is much more to the Worlds of Carnage, but this should be enough
information to get you started.  For more information, type "help".

See Also: Clueless, Carnage, Rules, Races, Classes, Skills, AllSkills,
          Prereqs, Practice, Exercise, Mail, Crash