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Hill giant - next step for orc/troll
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Author:  Marton [ Mon Oct 22, 2007 8:46:25pm ]
Post subject:  Hill giant - next step for orc/troll

rebirth only 50 mill min and maybe rebirthing character needs to be troll or orc if feasible

STR---- INT---- WIS----DEX----CON----CHA
39/71 21/48 24/55 27/51 42/71 24/55

Similar to current in game hill giant with resistance to slash and pierce but - resistance to bludgeon. Possible headbutt resistance and - headbutt resistance for any enemy fighting it. After all who is tall enough to headbutt a giant?

Size at least current troll size or 1 bigger - would lead to movement problems and perhaps headbutt properties automatically.

Only 3 pracs as per troll

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