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Dedicated Thief - Persuasion
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Author:  Rohl [ Tue Feb 28, 2006 8:33:44am ]
Post subject:  Dedicated Thief - Persuasion

Using the art of deceit, ability to "wormtail" and whisper insinuations in the ear of a mob to convince them that another char/mob intends them great harm. Upon success, the persuaded mob becomes automatically aggressive to the insinuated char/mob when they enter the same location (in similar manner to when you return from a flee etc with some mobs) for up to N rounds whilst their rage on the matter dissipates. Undecided as to whether the aggressive mob insinuates who slurred the victim's name (e.g "Rohl told me you were speaking about me behind my back, prepare to die!"), revealing the truth behind the matter, or whether they just go ahead and smack you when you enter their room. Similar restrictions to charm person on mob types, but with level restrictions of charm monster (3/4 from memory). No experience gain on successful kill and unable to persuade mobs already under the influence of charm, insanity etc.

If you fail, they see through your deception and just smack you instead.

The char/mob victim of the deceit cannot be in the same room when the mob is persuaded, as they would hear the insinuations.

Also a potential tool on top of skills like backstab for thieves in a PvP situation... :twisted:

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