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Dedicated Necromancer - Living Exoskeleton
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Author:  Ragz [ Fri Feb 03, 2006 4:57:28am ]
Post subject:  Dedicated Necromancer - Living Exoskeleton

Ability to create a living exoskeleton (item worn about body filling the equipment slot) from the bone, muscle and sinew from a fresh mob corpse. Armour class of the exoskeleton would be relative to the original armour class and level of the mob. If original mob had strength or dex stats above say 60, then the exoskeleton would also gives a +str, +dex and/or +dam bonus to the player due to the augmentation of strength or dexterity that the muscle provides. Exoskeleton lasts N mud days relative to skill after which it would full decompose, could be potentially rentable, takes say 150+ mana and has a relatively long pre-lag due to the effort required to form the complex item. Exoskeleton also assists movement, probably reducing moves...

Author:  Juba [ Fri Feb 03, 2006 8:45:24pm ]
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Wow, thats pretty darn creative. I likes, hope it gets implemented!

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