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Ranger Skill - Bottle
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Author:  Luz [ Fri Dec 09, 2005 6:57:36pm ]
Post subject:  Ranger Skill - Bottle

Allows the ranger to store various creations in a bottle

- Bottle of Smoke: Ranger captures smoke from a campfire, and stores it in a bottle. When this bottle is droped, it will break open filling the room with blinding smoke. All creatures in the room will stop attacking (not just attacking the ranger) if they fail save. Smoke will last one micro tick.

- Bottle of Poison: Ranger grinds poison flowers or plants into a toxic liquid and stores it in a bottle. If thrown at a victem, bottle will break open and poison the victem

- Bottle of Mud: Ranger stores a liquid mud in a bottle. (use clods of dirt and water to make the mud) When droped, the bottle will break spilling its contents across the room. When somebody enters the room, they will slip on the mud and fall to the ground resulting in 2-3 rounds of lag (if they do not save)

Other bottle creations are possible as well.

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