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Author:  Juba [ Mon Dec 05, 2005 10:54:51pm ]
Post subject:  Sacrifice

Sacrifice is a paladin spell where while fighting, the paladin rescues the target and places himself at greater risk to fight. After sacrificing himself, the paladin does more damage and has higher AC for a short time, but cannot flee from battle. The paladin takes a reduced xp loss upon death, AFTER a sacrifice has been made
My life for yours-

Author:  Luz [ Tue Dec 06, 2005 1:47:37am ]
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Sacrifice seems like you would trade your life for another. Perhaps it should involve restoring the target to full mana/hps/mva, but results in the death of the paladin. The target must be actively involved in combat, and must be tanking. This death perhaps could either cause no exp loss (but you enter the mud again with 0hps/0mva/0mana) or an exp loss of no more than 100k. I dunno, that seems like more of a holy sacrifice of one's self.

Author:  Ezzence [ Tue Dec 06, 2005 10:18:23pm ]
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i couldnt agree more.

Author:  Juba [ Fri Dec 09, 2005 3:31:11pm ]
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I was thinking that the paladin would be invigorated for the sacrifice of himself for another. Therefore, dealing out more damage in his self-destruction.

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