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Mud Change - Emphasis Exploration
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Author:  Marton [ Fri Sep 05, 2008 10:52:54pm ]
Post subject:  Mud Change - Emphasis Exploration

One of the issues I have with WoC at the moment is that we all have our favourite mobs to level up to 60 then after that most of us spend ages repetitively killing the same mobs in sundhaven or kipuka or where-ever.
If you mindlessly repeat and repeat you get lots of exp.

If you go to the time and trouble of heading under Lone mountain, Savaena, Astral, Rookar etc you get less exp more slowly and have every chance of dying somewhere hard to get your corpse back so why bother?

Would people be up for a change in the mud where you get a set amount of exp for each mob which does not change for say the first 8 or 10 or 15 times you kill it - after the set number of max kills you get zero.

Exp ratings for mobs are reviewed to balance both difficulty and also time/effort spent to reach them. ie Elip sea octopus lower exp than now due to close reach from elip inn. Pseudo dragon on river styx higher due to difficulty in reaching it.

With each mob providing no exp after max kills this would give a finite maximum possible exp limit even if you killed every mob in the game to the max which I would like to see at around 150 - 200 million but most characters would probably never pass half that figure.

Currently players over 80 mill exp get no exp reset on death. To make the system work all player deaths would get no reset but would get much smaller penalty - ie players under lv 20 no penalty, lv 20-40 100k, 40-60 200k, 60+ 300k. So dying reduces your maximum possible exp score but does not put your character back 2 million as it does now which takes a long time to recover from.

Pkill within current roleplay continues as is but the winner gains say 1000 exp per player level and loser loses the same amount. ie lv 62 kills lv 60 and gets 60k exp - loser loses 60k exp - overall experience in the game does not change. Again maximum cap on pkills per individual probably at say 5 kills max for experience gain. If killed again no exp change for either player.

Finally group exp changed so all group members get same exp as for solo kill and each kill counts against each member's max number of kills. This should give a decent bonus for grouping.

Hopefully this would need minimum of admin time for creation and coding of new structure and could be run on another port or through a pwipe.

There would also be an incentive for level builders to build new areas for new mobs to increase max available exp cap. For those builders with wicked minds they could create requirement for group to be led by a druid or a shaman to gain entry to their area - or a gift of 3 hard to get items from around the mud, or solving of a puzzle before you can reach the mobs in the area to get the kills and exp.

Under these changes the character with the most exp truly is the greatest explorer in the land.

feel free to add comments...

Author:  Galadhir [ Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:30:07am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mud Change - Emphasis Exploration

Maybe, along these lines, reward players for entering areas that they haven't visited yet or for trying new areas.

Author:  Serlon [ Sat Feb 24, 2018 12:45:42pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mud Change - Emphasis Exploration

Experience for entering a new area - I like that idea. I would base the experience gained off the players level, otherwise a level 1 could just enter new areas and absorb all the exp to fast level.

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