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Charm Offensive
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Author:  Rahl [ Wed Apr 26, 2006 4:09:43am ]
Post subject:  Charm Offensive

Newbie style questions on 'charm person', but would be good to have your views and share the experience of users of the charm offensive....

Questions restricted to 'charm person' as 'charm monster' aint available to my current build :oops:

A number of mobs in specific zones simply seem to state "X ignores you" on an attempted charm (e.g. no agro reaction on a fail, just a simple plain old "ignore"); do specific mobs have something like a NOCHARM flag or is this probably related to me charm quality and charisma... both not the best at the mo to be honest, but getting there slowly :twisted: A number of successfully charms seem to ignore commands for skills that they normally use against you and which seem to work OK when they are a monster zombie. Example being latvian guards not undertaking headbutt's or a bash on another mob, but still being OK with commands like kick. Headbutt seems to work OK when they are a monster zombie; they seem to just "Yes Sir!" as normal and yet not do anything about it as a charmed person... hmmm. Final request for words of wisdom for now, is it possible from your experience to get a charmed spell caster to cast something? Tried "order X cast colour spray" when they normally throw this against you... but just good old "Yes Sir!".

Hopefully these may be useful to other people considering charmies...

Thanks for any input and for any other hints/tips :P

Author:  Zamadhi [ Wed Apr 26, 2006 4:39:41am ]
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Charm Person has a lower level Limit, and is restricted to PERSONS. Things that ignore you are animals.
Charms cannot cast.
Charms are restricted in skill usage, as they are dominated puppets - this is most apparent in combat-like-skills, whereas a Monster Zombie has imbued the undead soul of itself, keeping most, if not all of its living host's skills. A monster zombie isn't so much a "dominated puppet" as inclined to follow and obey its controlling master.

Author:  Rahl [ Wed Apr 26, 2006 5:21:50am ]
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Thanks Zamadhi.

So thugs and lesser red guards in Cimmura are not classed as people? Have only been using it on "humanoid" mobs and not what I'd usual assume to be monsters/animals, which is why the "ignore" seemed a bit confusing on most of the Cimmura characters. Higher level red guards in Cimmura give me the usual level restriction message as I'm not 2x their level (if help is still accurate).

Thanks for clarifying the other points.

Author:  Zamadhi [ Wed Apr 26, 2006 7:17:13am ]
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Then "ignore" is due to charm immunity, Cimmura is chock-full of uncharmable mobs.

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