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Newbie Website?
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Author:  Grael [ Sat Dec 24, 2005 3:08:40pm ]
Post subject:  Newbie Website?

Hi folks,

Lots of people say they can't code and what not so they're unable to help contribute to the mud.

Over the past few years, making websites has become pretty mainstream, and, easy to do.

Anyone out there have any experience making websites? Perhaps a small group of like minded folk could get together to make on for newbs to the mud. I put one together years ago which was OK, but nothing great. It could be a good starting point.

I have enough projects on the go it seems that this would just add to my plate in a not so nice way, but i'd be willing to lend a hand, or help provide direction. Or, I might just rebuilt my old site and work it out w/ Blobbie.

Just an idea ...

Author:  Kayenta [ Sat Dec 24, 2005 10:23:10pm ]
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Sounds like a great idea. I dont know much about putting toghether a web page, but I'll help with material that can go on it

Author:  Boston [ Sat May 06, 2006 7:02:05pm ]
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Author:  Rohl [ Sun Sep 17, 2006 3:10:05pm ]
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Not heard anything on this recently, but hopefully people are still interested in pulling something together. I've started a newbie/mid-level website over the last week. It doesn't need to stop at this audience, but the basics are important to help complete newbies. As you can see, I've still got some detail to add (!). If anyone wants to help/contribute please drop me a mail or content at Please include your char or RL name so that I can attribute all of the content that you submit to you! Hope you like it.. anyways I'll carry on regardless but your help would be really appreciated.

Follow the WOC link on the homepage:

Author:  Rohl [ Thu Oct 12, 2006 5:40:24am ]
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'Beta' release of all sections of the guide originally scoped-out is now up and running. Many many thanks to those of you who contributed, either directly or indirectly :D. I just need a bit more time to finish off the link graphics and check it all for consistency (etc). If there any obvious errors, bad descriptions, missing help topics etc please let me know. Its currently slightly focused more on combat/piety class combos due to my own playing preferences, so any hints/tips/guides for newbie arcana folks (or other class combos not mentioned) would be again much appreciated. I'll pop it in the Newbie section of the forum after the above is complete, but any links from any of your sites :twisted: would hopefully get it more available to the budding newbies out there.


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