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New beginnings or returns or whatever the hell...
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Author:  Teibidh [ Sun Sep 19, 2010 2:26:22pm ]
Post subject:  New beginnings or returns or whatever the hell...

So uh, I went poking around to see if I could find Cythera active somewhere (again, cause I did this a couple years ago too...) and found out (again) about the merge. Figured I'd pop in here and introduce myself and see who (aside from Pazam, who I see is still an active Imm) might crawl out of the woodwork from back in the day.

I played WoC in 94 for a bit as Thylar (couldn't begin to tell you the skill set right now.) I shifted over to Cythera pretty shortly after as Mryddin, where I abused the Suggest and Dancing Sword spells to get to max level. During the second age (100 levels per class, multiclassing, etc...) I played Thylar (mage/thief) and Shrek (mage/cleric). Then during Cythera's third age (60 levels max) I played Grith (mage/warrior) and something else that wasn't as much fun and I can't remember anything about.

Another guy who used to play, Kragnar, and I were talking about the good ol' days on XBox Live the other night and I decided I'd poke back in and see what was going on.

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