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Author:  Yergin [ Tue Jan 03, 2006 10:25:43pm ]
Post subject:  swag

how about some carnage swag?

Author:  Yergin [ Mon Jan 09, 2006 7:30:44am ]
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pfft fine if u wont reply i'll reply to it

sounds ok, think about it, but there would need to be a carnage logo, does the one from title page count?

if not, it should be something simple

just saying, i'd buy it

Author:  Ragz [ Mon Jan 09, 2006 12:17:30pm ]
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Ahhh, I was wondering what the original post was about... now I understand. Hmmm, well a guy who gets on my train most days to work, proudly carries his gym gear in an 'Everquest - Bag of the Tinkers Guild'... for some reason, everyone seems to given him a wide berth. At least he always gets a seat hehe. Good idea for publicity and visibility for WOC in the right audiences etc. but the general world quite often doesn't always understand our love of fantasy and role-play. Wouldn't stop me from buying some, though it may get confused with some kind of heavy metal group now and again :-)

Author:  Marton [ Mon Jan 09, 2006 3:25:28pm ]
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Well I wasn't going to post that I had no idea what the original post meant either - so kept well quiet...

Author:  Yergin [ Mon Jan 09, 2006 4:41:31pm ]
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well, it doesnt have to be carnage, just like wocmud

that would be more distict, or create a distict logo

or just a shirt that says:

open 4000

or something like that

or patches and stickers, i'd put it on my bag and anything else that i could

coffee mugs, Mmm thats some good work essential :)

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