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Author:  Cornelius [ Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:29:12am ]
Post subject:  Troy

I havent got a clue how to build things, but just a general idea going along the lines of Crete - maybe located North/North West of Crete somewhere.

The setting could perhaps be the battle of Troy, have the greeks camped at the beach, with various mobs such as archers, charioteers etc. Then Heroes such as Ajax, Achilles, Odysseus etc. The place would be full of tents and boats, etc.

Then on the other side you could have the City of Troy itself, using the big walls for one. Including mobs predominantly such as Archers, Royal Guards maybe and including heroes such as Hector, King Priam, Paris and maybe a preist of Apollo who is a teacher, (there could be a temple to Apollo in the city).

Also a quest maybe from Menelaus to get Helen back from within the City?

Just a general idea for someone to maybe build.

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