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Astral Prince Slain
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Author:  Morrton [ Sun Feb 11, 2007 4:05:45pm ]
Post subject:  Astral Prince Slain

Many tales have been told of the treasured guarded by the Prince of Elemental Evil.

Today 3 brave adventurers, Kayenta, Rohl and Morrton set off in search of these treasures.

After reaching the astral plain the castle gate guards were slain and the castle entrance breached. By searching diligently for the keys to locked passage ways and by help of magic we reached the Prince's guardian of water. This huge beast was subdued and we set off in search of the other guardians of earth, fire and air.

On our travels we negotiated many twisting passageways, fought efreets, toads and dragons and finally reached the high wizard. The wizard was able to cast a spell of teleportation sending us right in to the heart of the prince's castle. Here we battled huge skeletons and another fierce dragon to reach the entrance to the throne room.

The Prince was aware of our arrival and met us with a fierce onslaught. Single handed he wrought great destruction but our strength of numbers finally overcame. The Prince was slain and his treasures were ours for the taking.

Triumphant we returned to our home lands to spread the news. However it is heard that the allies of the evil one have taken possession of the castle once again and a new Prince has been crowned. It seems there may yet be more treasure to be found.

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