Worlds of Carnage

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Author:  Armand [ Wed Jul 13, 2005 2:21:36pm ]
Post subject:  Alvurron

Its an area located in an isle, only way to reach it is from crete port. This area is ruled by the power lords with an iron fist. The area also includes a jungle in the northern side where you can find the always friendly Crocodiles! hehe Good thing they lazzy there. This area also has a pyramid where the Ruler of the land has a harem watching over him. Rumor says that some warrior is looking for adventurers to help him catch an assassin. Also you can find there the friendly cheese seller. I put this area in high level cause of the quest involved, but the minor power lords are good exp to midlevels. Another thing, theres some mountains before this lands, explore em at your own risk, I heard its the home of wierd creatures such as a dragodactyl and some zombies. Nice plants grow on this lands. Have fun.

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