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Author:  Marton [ Tue Jun 14, 2005 3:25:59am ]
Post subject:  Starting guidelines

It seems to me that most characters require 2 or maybe 3 main attributes. First step is to ensure that the maximum possible stat is achieved in those key areas. I don't fancy creating a str/con dependent warrior from an elf even though I do remember the odd gnome warrior/tank from ages gone by!

Author:  Vlir [ Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:21:47pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Starting guidelines

Yeah, it's kind of sucks to pick the ordering of stats when you want to max con first (for maximum hps), int (for max mana ~ and wis i think). But picking stats in the order of con, int, wis, str, dex, cha... would be a nightmare. As a warrior you wouldnt max that strength for a long time - which means poor quality skills/lower-melee-dmg/shorter-hb-duration.

Another good reason to make a build that maxes stats fo skills/spells, xp a good bit, or all the way to 134 million, then rebirth later to have a char with all those stats maxed and with maximum hps/mana.

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